Adaptation for lowered mobility access

Space to move around

Independence and freedom is at the core of our business

We have wanted to make our bathroom pods available for every requirement and have produced solutions to help when the need is great, with independence at the forefront. 

Modular Pods have spent 2 years developing a solution for the end-user in mind, especially when mobility has become an issue, it is very understandable that we all want to stay in the comfort of our own homes using facilities as independently as possible. 

This is our Asia pod which is by far our biggest and comes with many options (including an outward opening 950mm Wooden effect door’) and can facilitate every individual requirement.  This product can be designed to fit in with each and every application and boasts many orientation features which make this Asia lowered access pod the only one on the market today to tick all the boxes.

We do have many other pods to pick from also so this is not the only option available and every pod is bespoke to your individual desires.

If you have a project you would like to discuss or require further information on any aspects of our pods please, do not hesitate to get in touch. We are very happy to come on sit to discuss with you and your occupational therapist. 

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