Modular Pods were asked to undertake the task to supply a suitable solution for an ensuite facility in a very compact area. Our clients who are from Hampshire have a portfolio of housing, some of which are rented and others are empty.
They wanted to be able to turn these empty properties into comfortable spacious homes that they could then put on Airbnb. After looking at our website, and then visiting our showroom our clients supplied us with the measurements and we went to work to get the right solution.   

We advised them of the following in respect of bathroom pods:  

  • The pods have feet to allow for the shower waste, which would create a slight step into the pod, but once installed would be completely level. 
  • The pod requires a solid base to stand on.  
  • Connection to a water supply and drainage for the grey and black water must be provided by a qualified plumber. In addition, an electrician would be needed to connect the lights and extract fan.  
  • This first fit for the above services must be completed before the pod is installed. 

After discussions with our clients and their specific requirements, it was agreed that our Malta Pod would be the best solution, 800mm x 1800 mm internal measurement, with a sliding door. 

The area was cleared, prepared and made ready for the first fix pipework, then the pod was assembled with the feet and the shower waste connected. 

For this project, our clients had some of our standard items and added in some personal extras specifically targeted to their requirements.

Over the course of the day, the pod was assembled including all the bathroom sanitary ware.

Once we had completed our assembly we left our clients to add-in their finishing touches to the room, including adding a built-in wardrobe next to the pod. 

Our clients have now put the house on Airbnb as a quality rental with upgraded Ensuite bathroom facilities which only took 48 hours from start to finish to assemble and install.

For more information on how you can create the above get in touch with us today.

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