Millions of students swap accommodation all the time. Moving from one address to another during studies is very much part of university and academic life. In terms of changing residence, the turnover is enormous and, with that, comes rebuild and renovation on a grand scale. You could be a construction company charged with building a new block of student apartments or a developer upgrading a university halls of residence after years of general wear and tear. Either way, the chances are you will be determined to deliver a quality product on time and on budget.

Student Accommodation Bathroom Pods

With Modular Pods International, you can wash away some of those stresses and strains with our student accommodation bathroom pods – a flat-pack and watertight bathroom or shower room that can be installed on site in as little as four hours. We offer a hygienic, COVID-friendly solution that reduces product and labour costs and saves you valuable time and money.

We aim to create a fantastic student experience which is reflected in our approach to bathroom construction. All our flat-pack, student accommodation bathroom pods come in standard or bespoke designs. They are delivered to site, fit through an existing, standard-width doorway or stairwell and can be constructed in a matter of hours, meaning a significant reduction on specialist trades required to finish the job.

Inexpensive Tiling, But Superior Finish

Tiling remains one of the more time-consuming and expensive aspects of bathroom construction or renovation. However, Modular Pods International do not use ceramic tiles in any of their prefabricated products, helping avoid potential problems over build quality, timescale and budget. No ceramic tiles also means no grouting which is often the weakest point of the build and can lead to issues over waterproofing, hygiene and general maintenance.

Our student accommodation bathroom pods provide a low-cost, ‘maintenance free’ and easy to clean alternative – with zero compromise on quality. We now boast an extensive range of styles and designs closely resembling Italian ceramic tiles. Our waterproof wall panels are specially made for us by Fibo, a world-leading supplier in the industry for almost 70 years. Based in Norway, Fibo blend the latest wood technology with contemporary Scandanavian styling to produce the highest-quality results. For your own peace of mind, Fibo is also PEFC certified and must adhere to a set of standards promoting positive environmental management of forests.

Our interchangeable panels are made of a Sheet Moulded Compound – a composite, fire-retardant, sanitary material that is strong, light and provides complete waterproofing between wall and floor joints where leakage can occur. The ‘turn up’ floor design is also hygienic and anti-bacterial, while the materials used help insulate rooms in ways ceramic tiles do not – perfect for student accommodation.

Specification to Installation To Suit All of Student Accommodation Bathroom Needs

All in all, our bathroom pods offer complete flexibility and come with a standard 10-year warranty. There is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) and lower delivery charges apply. We are less harmful on the environment too, with around a 70% reduction in on-site installation waste compared to a standard build. Issues over storage in confined urban spaces are also a thing of the past because our prefabricated bathroom pods are installed on site.

Modular Pods International offer a complete bathroom pod service from specification to installation to suit all of your student accommodation bathroom pod needs. Free fixed-price quotations are available and a site survey is complimentary where required.

Other benefits include free delivery in England and Wales for orders above 15 units and transportation to site. Our experiences fitters are also available for on-site assembly and installation for an additional charge. More and more developers are turning to Modular Pods International, no more so in the commercial sector where labour and trade costs and construction time are at the top of the list. When you add it all up, it’s easy to see why.

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