At Modular Pods, we get asked regularly, ‘How do you install your pod bases'? This all depends on the type of foundation that the pod is going on and what materials are involved. The following list of questions gives you an idea of considerations that should be thought about first:

  1. Is the project and new build or a refurbishment?
  2. Is the structure timber-framed, concrete or steel?
  3. Is the Pod going onto a screed finish floor or wooden floorboards and joists?

The following pictures show what steps are needed to achieve level access with a concrete structure. 

You could get a great level access finish with a concrete floor if planned from the beginning of the build process. The photos above show how this can be created, allowing our pod to be raised onto its supporting feet with the shower and w/c waste to have a correct fall to the main down-pipe.

The first steps would be to ensure the feet and shower waste are connected to the pod base and ready to connect to your main pipe network. (Pictures 1,2 &3) 

Once all pipework is connected to the pod base, lay the base flat onto the sunken floor, ensuring the pod floor is level with your finished floor level, adjusting the feet if necessary. Next, secure the feet into place by using the locking nuts provided. 

You can then start to build the walls and ceiling. (Picture 4) 

Once the pod is assembled, make good the finished floor level on the outside before finishing off with your main external flooring substrate (Picture 5 & 6).

If you have any questions or require more information please, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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