Commercial developers are always up against it – deadlines, budgets and a regular supply of building materials are just a few of the daily challenges. There are labour costs to consider, maybe issues over storage or even major parking headaches when that next, big delivery arrives on site or on the doorstep. And when building projects are on a larger scale such as hotels, hospitals, care homes and student accommodation, the problems only intensify.

Modular Pods International offer a complete, cost-effective solution with zero compromise on style and quality with our easy-to-install, flat-pack modular bathroom pods. Our bathroom pods are delivered to your site, are simple to install and at a fraction of the cost of traditional building solutions. Such is our growing popularity that we have now manufactured and sold more than 159,000 bathroom pods worldwide in the commercial and domestic sector.

The Advantages Of Bathroom Pods For Commercial Projects

The innovative concept challenges the traditional approach to bathroom builds and renovations, using our flat-pack bathroom pods in your commercial building project brings a whole host of advantages. Standard ‘demountable’ bathroom pods can be limiting in their use as ‘new build’ projects are often designed around the optimum time for delivery and installation. Our flat-pack bathroom pods can be delivered at any stage of the build programme and in small quantities. They can be erected in a matter of hours leading to a significant reduction of trade and labour – and a potential quicker return on investment.

Why Choose Modular Pods For Your Project?

Modular bathroom pods are hygienic, easy to clean and ideally suited to HMOs, hotels, hospitals, care homes, apartments and retirement homes where cleanliness is paramount. At the same time, the clever design means they can also be used to brighten up a log cabin, boat or any building where time, space, cost and durability are key requirements. Sound attractive? There’s more. Access can be a big issue with ‘demountable’ bathroom pods when they won’t fit through an existing doorway or stairwell. Not with our flat-pack bathroom pods which comfortably fit through a standard-width doorway. Each pod contains fewer components, there is no minimum order and delivery charges are also significantly lower, making them perfect for commercial new build and refurbishment projects. The beauty of using our flat-pack bathroom pod solutions also lies in their flexibility.

We boast a standard stock range of seven pod models using interchangeable SMC (Sheet Moulded Compound) wall, floor and ceiling panels depending on bathroom size.

Smaller orders can be delivered to site within five working days with larger orders for commercial developments taking 14 weeks. Not surprisingly, more and more commercial developers are using pod technology in sub-sectors such as hotels, student accommodation and private residential schemes.

Our Modular Bathroom Pods Are Quick & Easy To Install

Our modular bathroom and shower pods do not include any ‘ceramic tiles’ or grouting, reducing the number of trades you require to get the job done, while also saving you money.

Yet, as many of our styles and designs could be mistaken for the finest Italian ceramic tiles, there is no compromise on quality. Our waterproof wall panels are designed and manufactured specifically for us by Fibo, the leading Norwegian company, and come in a huge range of options. All our pods are quick to install, require no grouting and boast lower fitting costs. They are environmentally friendly, easy to cut and clean and are low maintenance and lightweight to carry. This can have enormous benefits for commercial developers in urban areas where storage is limited and space at a premium.

Great For The Environment And Reduction On Waste

We are also good for the environment as modular bathroom pods offer a 70 per cent reduction in on-site installation waste compared to a traditional bathroom build using ceramic tiles. We offer a complete range of modular pod services on our website including free fixed-price quotations, free delivery in England and Wales for orders of 15 units or more and on-site assembly and installation. And for your own peace of mind, all pod structures come with a 10-year warranty and leak-free guarantee. To find out how we can help you and your project, call our team today on 01202 014 716. 

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