Since lockdown hit the UK back in March and since we are headed for another lockdown this November, the strict rules are forcing us to find new ways to kill the time at home. Spending more time within our four walls means we actually now have the time to get started or even finish off those renovation and DIY jobs that were previously put on hold due to busy life and work commitments.

Nesting” a global lockdown trend has seen many households turning people’s attentions to their homes. Our homes have now become workspaces, gyms, schools, hospitals and even holiday homes, forcing people to undertake all areas of their external live within the home. Because of this growing trend people have been looking at ways to improve, renovate and increase the living spaces in their homes, one example being an extra bathroom or shower room. Having an extra bathroom takes away those queues in the morning, makes living in lockdown that little bit easier and by adding a second bathroom it can add 5% extra on average to the value of your property.

Increasing Demand For Bathroom Pods

Your conventional bathroom can take months to install and complete, but bathroom pods have many advantages over the traditional bathroom installation. Once commonly used more for the commercial sector for student accommodation, hotels and new builds, the bathroom pods for the residential sector have seen an increasing rise for demand, especially through lockdown. With only four hours’ assembly time per pod, 70% faster to complete compared to the traditional bathroom, this provides the ideal alternative for the regular bathroom  

What Are Bathroom Pods?

Bathroom pods are pre-fabricated, flat packed, complete bathrooms delivered directly to your site or home. Dynamic enough to fit into a wide range of spaces, they’re ready to install in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional installations without the need for specialist trades.

bathroom pods

What Are The Benefits Of A Flat Packed Bathroom?

  • 35% cost reduction on traditional bathroom designs
  • Only four hours’ installation time per pod, just need to add studwork and service connections
  • The sleek pod design allows easy access through a standard width doorway
  • Easy to clean, convenient, hygienic and maintenance free
  • Have the potential to add between 4-5% onto your home's value

A Range Of Pods For Your Bathroom

If your looking to get those home renovation projects you’ve set aside off to a flying start, modular pods can help. Modular pods offer a wide range of bathroom and shower pods in an impressive range of twenty eight sizes and designs. We also don’t use ceramic tiles in any of our pod designs, which means this keeps the costs down and you wont have any quality issues like water leaking, bacteria growth and maintenance.

We use maintenance free, easy to clean and low cost floor coatings and paneling, which come in a huge range of designs and styles and also look like high quality Italian ceramics tiles, which can be fitted in minutes. We have a standard stock range of seven pod models so there is something to suit any home and we are available to deliver to your home within 5 days and can assembly and install your pod by our experienced fitters. What’s more on large orders our bathroom pods can be made to measure in any size.

Why Modular Pods?

Modular Pods have manufactured and sold 159,400 bathroom pods worldwide. We combine easy to install and innovate bathroom and shower pods to both the domestic and commercial market. Our major design difference is that we are a true modular pod design which we can claim is a 'flat packed modular pod bathroom'. Being an exclusive distributor of the largest bathroom pod manufacture in the world to provide both off the shelf and bespoke pods, means we have a great range of pods in our UK warehouse and we can supply a bespoke pod size if needed.

How To Contact Us?

If you’re looking to renovate your home during lockdown or maybe you want to add some extra value to your home with a bathroom pod, call our team of experts today on 01202 017 277 or our virtual showroom, allows you to take a look at various bathroom pods designed and created by Modular Pods.

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