We use inert GRP - glass reinforced plastic (otherwise known as FRP) and SMC manufacturing process - otherwise referred to as sheet-fibre reinforcement material compounding. The same fire-retardant sanitary material that boats are made of.

Not usually. We are happy to supply the product, and transport to your premises or site. We are not an installation or commissioning company. However, we have a number of 'approved installers' who can provide you a price for pre and post pod assembly requirements.

72 hours from one of our standard stock Pod ranges (1 4xstandard models), within England & Wales. 5 x days in Ireland & Scotland or mainland Europe. For non-stock products - this will take longer & depends on your exact specification requirements.

Our flat packed bathroom products are ideal for refurbishment projects. The packages can all be fitted through a standard household doorway and up stairs. We are also ideal for new build where large order multiples attract further competitive advantages to our clients.

Yes. Completely. If you consider we use the latest GRP materials and production processes, which for 60 years, are teh dominant material used for manufacturing yacht hulls, you can have complete confidence. In any case, MPI offers a leak-fere performance warranty to match the 10 year modular bathroom pods product guarantee.

Your choice. You can assemble the units if you are a competent DIY person. You can also check you local plumber or builder to quote you for installation. You should allow a maximum of 3 days for complete installation in working order. This includes plumbing, electrical and any studwork enclosures required; considerably less time than traditional bathoroom construction.

We buy the pod shell materials from suppliers who can guarantee quality and correct specification. We use UK & European fixtures and fittings for furnishing the pods. We assemble, test and QA the whole unit. This results in cost-effective outsourcing your modular bathroom pods requirements & you can directly benefit from our commitment to make and stock only the best quality solutions. All our material supply partners operate a rigorous ISO9001 and ISO 14001 code of manufactured. Otherwise, we will not use them!

Absolutely not. The interior of the pod has a solid look and the wall finishes are indistinguishable from high quality tiling. The exterior is clad and can be finished to match the decor in rest of the room just like a traditional bathroom.

Yes. Modular design means that the modular bathroom pods are prefabricated in sections and then either bolted together or heat welded on site or in the factory. Very simple and fast to demount and assemble as the Pods sections can be carried through the standard doorway width of a domestic or commercial premise. Therefore transport, shipping and installation costs are dramatically reduced.

Between 4 and 8 hours for each of the modular bathroom pods. Excluding the external wall cladding or studwork and connecting services which you should add a further day. Around 70% less than a traditional constructed en-suite bathroom.

You will be quoted for complete pod unit, including shower, toilet, basin, taps, shower mixer taps, extractor fan, mirror and towel rails. This is our standard UK WRAS approved CE marked quality sanitary ware. You can also select bespoke sanitary ware to your design. The external pod waterproof door is also included.