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Fifteen reasons why off site modular bathroom products are taking off in the UK

Modular pods are the ideal UK off site modular bathroom solution for fast installation and low cost. All the below are applicable for the all materials manufactured offsite but particularly the niche bathroom pod supply sector.

  1. Large reduction in installation waste. In the case of quality bathroom around 70%.
  2. Re-fabrication decrease in installation times as modular design lends itself to ‘flat packed’ and ‘plug & play’ design solutions. Saving on installation time against traditional bathroom installation timetables, is around 55%.
  3. The huge benefit of offsite production comes through quality of material finish throughout the building site irrespective of site environment, skill tradesmen availability & installation competence. High quality material replication can be guaranteed.
  4. Low or NO maintenance from products/materials produced offsite.
  5. Reducing construction site health and safety risks with less tradesmen required on site.
  6. Factory controlled conditions and QA controls can be consistent and replicable which cannot be achieved on a construction site.
  7. Materials cost reduction by around 35% in the case of off site modular bathroom pods. May be more or less in other types of modular products.
  8. Contract programmes timescales can be reduced dramatically when more offsite products provided to site either in part finished or finished form. Therefore, the constructor can finish more building projects with the same workforce in any given time frame.
  9. Mass production techniques cost reductions can be passed onto the customer.
  10. Offsite products can be shipped to site at the exact time they are required so that they are not delivered weeks or months before installation can take place reducing deterioration in material quality.
  11. Flat pack off site modular bathroom designs lower transport costs to the client.
  12. Pods produced in a modern factory-controlled conditions produce a more uniformed quality product – direct from the factory and not via a merchant or retailer.
  13. Easier on as they are dealing directly with the manufacturer.
  14. Reduction in material costs per modular product.
  15. Constructors supply chain costs and management reduced. There will be fewer suppliers required to complete the overall construction project.

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