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Flat Packed solution vs a Demountable Bathroom Pod

Modular Pods International Limited / Flat Packed solution vs a Demountable Bathroom Pod

Flat Packed Pod v Demountable Bathroom Pod?


Tile free concept
Product availability
Standard pod range vs bespoke project designs
SMC material technology & advantages
Reduced packaging materials and product waste on site
Maintenance free claim
Manufacturing pedigree & unrivalled manufacturing credibility

It may not have escaped your notice that bathroom pods are often described as a ‘Demountable Bathroom Pod’. NOT in our case!

Our major design difference is that we are a true modular pod design which we can claim is a ‘flat packed modular pod bathroom’. With our bathroom pod designs we move the supply chain into the next generation You’ll take advantage of more applications and a wider market sector.

Typcally, a demountable bathroom pod available from European manufacturers are of the ‘plug & play’ design. There is an option to demount the pod from the delivery transport if necessary. Sections are then placed in final situation in a new building. But, this is NOT a ‘flat packed’ solution. A demountable bathroom pod must be transported in a single room unit. Not ‘flat packed’.


Why does this matter?

If you are refurbishing your building/bathroom or both, the demountable option limits the use of a demountable bathroom pod. If your project is a ‘new build’ the building programme has to be designed around the optimum time at which the unit can be delivered & installed. Flat packed bathroom pods can be delivered at any time, in small quantities, and at any time in the build programme.

You may be choosing offsite modular pods to save on costs vs a traditional bathroom build. But transport and logistics costs are significantly greater when you receive a finished modular room product in a completed box. Refurbishment projects often have access problems that prevent entry for a demountable bathroom pod. Sometimes they cannot fit though an existing size doorway or narrow stairwell, even when ‘demounted’!

A ‘flat packed’, component part, bathroom pod solution does not have quantity as its key driver. We don’t have a minimum order quantity [MOQ]. Our pod solutions are ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects. Delivery charges both nationally and internationally are significantly lower than a ‘plug & play’ product. All benefits for our clients.


Our Unique Ceramic Tile Free Concept

Ceramic tiles are NOT used inside our Pod designs … anywhere! As any builder, construction company or bathroom supplier will tell you, the use of ceramic tiles in a bathroom is where all the quality problems start. Significant costs of an overall build programme are sucked into this trade. Consistent installation quality using ceramic tiles over a number of bathrooms on one site is often not attainable.

In the UK 91% of all bathroom projects use ceramic tiles that are grouted. The grouting is the weakest point in terms of waterproofing, bacterial growth & maintenance. They’re NOT a hygienic wall or floor coating solution – just ask any hospital!

Over the last few years ‘maintenance free’, easy to clean and low cost wall and floor coatings/panels have become a competitive high quality alternative to traditional tiles. There’s a huge range of styles and designs which look deceptively like high quality Italian ceramic tiles that can be fitted in minutes.

Therefore, our bathroom and shower pods products do NOT include any ‘ceramic tiles’ or grouting. We use both SMC panels (made with modern inert GRP/FRP) and decorative PVC and SMC wall panels. This avoids all the disadvantages of ceramic tiles which give builders and construction companies finish quality and snagging nightmares – on every project!


Product Availability

Flat packed solutions offer you complete flexibility in terms of product range and delivery times. Why? As we are a modular sectional pod product supplier, we can stock SMC wall, floor and ceiling panels which are interchangeable between many different bathroom sizes. We have a standard stock range of 7 pod models which are available for delivery to site within 5 working days from order for smaller orders. For large volume contract orders we offer a 14 weeks delivery time, but we want to appeal to retail and small works projects as well as the larger contracts. This is the unique Modular Pods advantage!


Standard Pod product Range v Bespoke project designs.

There are advantages to both standard and bespoke pods. So why not have both these options available from one pod supplier? Now you can with Modular Pods International.

Trade & retail customers typically order fewer than 20 pods in one order & they usually like to receive their products in under 14 weeks. Some products are available to deliver within 5 working days!

We’re an exclusive distributor for the largest bathroom pod manufacturer in the world to provide both off the shelf and bespoke pods. There is a huge range of stock pods in our UK warehouse and we can also supply a bespoke pod size, if there is an MOQ of 50 x pods in 1 order.


Sheet Moulded Compound Material Technology

SMC stands for ‘Sheet Moulded Compound’. This is a process/manufacturing upgrade for what we have always known as GRP or FRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic or Fibre Reinforced Plastic). A material made from a polyester resin, which is reinforced by chopped strand mat glass fibres, to form a GRP laminate sheet. It is a very popular composite material to use, because not only is it very strong but also surprisingly light. SMC is the modern high-tech version lending itself to high tech and low-cost manufacturing techniques using heated steel moulds under high pressure. Our OEM’s products incorporate registered design Patents [more than 220] for our ‘fail safe’ watertight concept between SMC wall & floor joints. This enables skilled and non-skilled personnel to easily and quickly install a watertight bathroom or shower room in under 4 hours – peace of mind for clients and end users alike.

Advantages of using SMC materials: We have a 10% water run off from our floor profile. The SMC material allows all floor surfaces to be dry within 2 hours. The floor is press moulded at one time, with unique floor edge ‘turn-ups’ which provides a ‘water lock’ interface between wall & floor. This allows us to say we are a totally sealed ‘wet room’ bathroom design concept. The circular arch ‘turn up’ design on our SMC floors results in no dead angles for bacteria to cluster. Our SMC floor & wall material insulates that room much better than cold ceramic tiles. Prevents heat dissipation.


Reduced Packing Materials and Product Waste on Site

We offer a 70% reduction in onsite installation waste compared to a traditional bathroom installation. This is simply due to our flat packed design. Our panel floors, walls and ceilings can be transported on wood pallets with no additional packaging unless we are packing for export outside of the UK.

A made to measure, offsite modular product provides a reduction in packaging waste as it’s manufactured under factory-controlled conditions and not subjected to variances in on site ambient temperate or challenging local environmental conditions.


Maintenance Free

Our ‘maintenance free’ credentials stand up to scrutiny. If you consider our standard 10-year pod warranty* alongside the SMC material manufacturing technology, an inert product, in line with no grouting/tile usage – this provides the proof.

*see our Warranty small print on our company website.


Manufacturing Pedigree & Unrivalled Manufacturing Credibility

COZY is our OEM principle & partner that has been manufacturing SMC modular bathroom pods for more than 30 years. They are the only producer of SMC mass produced product in the world. In 2018 they produced 158,000 bathroom pods. Allowing them to claim they are the largest bathroom pod OEM in the world. They annually represent more manufacturing capacity and output than all European manufacturers combined, in any one year!

They are accredited with ISO9001:2015 and ISO14000. They export to 30 countries outside of their home region. They have 7 x manufacturing centres, with a total of 378,787m3 of production, R&D and warehousing space. They utilise high standards of QA methodology and cutting-edge robotics with latest high pressure heated moulding process, which incorporate mould presses form 10T to 300T. MPI Ltd is their only distribution partner in Europe based on the South coast of the United Kingdom.

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